• Episode 8/10 «The Prince of Jeddah (’81)»

    Watch Episode 8. How did Dr. Arturo Bezzola get rich in only a few years? Nobody knows… We have one hypothesis: It’s fair to assume, that there was some currency transactions going on between rich Saudi Arabians, Dr. Bezzola and some very high UBS bankes to avoid Swiss National bank restrictions.

  • Episode 7/10 «The Innocent of St. Moritz (’83)»

    Watch Episode 7. «How did Dr. Artur Bezzola spend his X-Mas days in St. Moritz?» We followed his footsteps to the Padrutt’s Palace Hotel for the Slupinski fur fashion show … We are simply showing one way to analyze Dr. Bezzola’s lifestyle…

  • Episode 5/10

    Watch Episode 5. «LIFE IS A LOTTERY! Arturo and his family were heavy gamblers. Arturo was the best player around. … Arturo’s nephew Roland ist going to explain the complexity of his uncle’s psychology regarding gambling, women and Arturo’s mother called ‚Ida‘, who he seemingly hated. …» Roland eats PREMIUM CHIPS, the ones with the […]

  • Episode 3/10

    Watch Episode 3. «Happy New Year in 2012!» Roland is smoking a fat cigar while speaking about the fiancé of Artur Bezzola. By chance she had the same name like him because she’s a widow. She was married to a cousin of Arturo. She is from a very rich and aristocratic family in Zürich. Roland […]

  • Episode 2/10

    Watch Episode 2. «Roland and the  ex-girlfriend.» She wanted to have sex with Roland. Roland likes having a very fit body. A fit mind in a fit body. Roland talks about the former girlfriend of Arturo. Funny, she was his ‚ex‘, but she still lived in his villa … That’s why the tragedy happened» Roland […]

  • Episode 1/10

    «Starting on December 19, 2011, there will be shown a new episode every week. Always on Mondays on this Channel.»

  • Intro film Two

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1. Roland lost 20 Millions

«My mother got a phone call. – The police said: „Your brother, Dr. Arturo Bezzola is dead. He died of SM-Sex.“» In SEASON ONE, Roland W. Bezzola will talk to you. He will be using a distinctively private setting which is his luxurious villa. Roland was the nephew of Dr. Arturo Bezzola. Arturo was also […]


2. How Arturo got rich

«How did Dr. Arturo Bezzola get rich – in only five years? − Nobody knows». In SEASON TWO, you will get an insight on the economy of the late 1970-ies. There was the oil crisis. The petro-dollars were flowing. Dr. Arturo Bezzola went into the luxury hotel business around the globe. Later, he was an investor […]

Rio de Janeiro, 8. 9 1978: Artur Bezzola an seiner Hochzeit mit der Tochter eines reichen brasilianischen Industriellen.

3. Men and Women

«This man had 3 000 women!» − «The one he loved and hated the most … was his mother.» In SEASON THREE, you will get a gaze at Arturo’s love life. After his death, we found 3 000 Polaroids of naked women in his bedroom. It looked like a love-archive of a hunter of love… But […]


4. The night of Death

«Oh my god! There is a dead body in my bed!» −  «Did the police do a good job in their investigations?». In SEASON FOUR, the court of Zurich will open its files to the public. The trial went on in early 1986. Roland W. Bezzola was able to get the copies of all the investigations, […]


5. All about Diana

«Who is Lady Di?» −  «Let’s make a photo shooting … to forget the old times»! In SEASON FIVE, all of a sudden, Lady Di, the women who accidentally killed Arturo, appears on our computer screens. Lady Di is just a pseudonym. Her real name needs to be protected for privacy reasons. Lady Di rose like […]


6. To be continued…

«The final countdown»! Will we find the testament and the money in Liechtenstein. Or in Germany, after all the money hidden in Liechtenstein was transfered to Berlin. A devilish plan. Who expects black money in Berlin. This is the final countdown to find the 20 millions, the Holy Grail?